Thereís no denying fireworks  are capable of causing damage or injury,  but fireworks which are made according to the Class C specifications  poise no significant hazard when used correctly.  In fact,  the CSCP ranks Class C fireworks 137th on its list of most dangerous consumer products.  The manufacturer has done its part by conforming to the Class C  specifications. Your part is to use the devices exactly as instructed and if you also adhere to the following safety tips, the risk of damage or injury will be negligible. Most of these are simply common sense.

1. Buy and use only fireworks which conform to Class C law.
2. Donít break any laws. The consequences could spoil your fun.
3. Donít experiment. Donít take a device apart, or attach anything to it, or attempt to make it do something different.
4. Donít attempt to make your own fireworks.
5. Only persons over 21 are permitted to use fireworks.
6. Only use fireworks in a large, flat, wide-open area, 50Ft. away from buildings, vehicles, vegetation or flammable objects.
7. Keep the spectators at least 75Ft. away from where the devices are ignited. 8.  8. Donít handle the items unnecessarily before the show.  This can cause duds.
9. Carry fireworks in a closed box, not on your person.
10. Donít use any items which may have been wet, has a loose fuse or leaks powder.
11. Keep a bucket of water handy.  Drop any metal sparklers or exiting in it when they finish.
12. Carry a flashlight with you.
13. Donít try to scare people.
14. Follow the instructions printed on each item.
15.  Light only one fuse at a time.  If you want more then one item to go off at a time, fuse them together before the show.
16. Keep the unused item in a closed box, well away from the firing area.
17.  Donít hold any items in your hand once it is lit, except sparklers and hand held fountains. Donít hold roman candles after lighting.
18. Donít light any items inside any container (other than necessary supports for rockets and candles)
19. Donít pick up any items once it finishes. They can remain hot.
20. Donít try to relight a dud.  Drop it in water.
21. Never throw any item.
22. Do not point any item toward another person.
23. Never use fireworks in the presence of gasoline or flammable substances.
24. Donít smoke while using fireworks.
25. Donít use drugs or alcohol.
26. Always clean up the debris after the show.
27. Donít store unused firework. If you must, keep them in a cool dry place.
28. Wear eye protection, long sleeves, long pants and gloves for your protection.
29. Must have land owners approval to use on their property.